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  Sheepskin rugs
Equally at home in the most modern contemporary situation as in the tradition fireside or living room location.
Single, 1.5 and double lambskin rugs
Although these rugs are predominantly used on the floor as luxurious coverings, they can also be used as a throw, on beds, or draped over any type of seat.
multi pelt rugs Quarto lambskin to 12-pelt sheepskin 
Individual lambskin pelts are expertly matched and joined to make spectacular rugs from the one and a half rug up to our huge 16-piece border rug which measures approximately 10ft. 11in. x 7ft. 3in. (332 x 222cm)

Sheepskin rugs available in many pelt sizes
The varous pelt sizes available. Classic Sheepskins natural Ivory White color in all 6 sizes kept in stock. 10-pelt sizes and above are available as special order items.
Color selection
We offer 6 dyed long wool colors in addition to the natural Ivory White. All these in numerous sizes made especially for you. In addition to the natural shape rugs, see below for designer sheepskin rugs.
Generally any color can be ready within approximately 2 to 3 weeks.
Designer rugs
Designer sheep skin rugs available in many sizes and designs
Our sheepskin tannery also offers fabulous designer rugs. These are made from the same premium quality lambskin but instead of being natural pelt shaped, different color skins are shaped and precisely matched to produce stunning masterpieces. See our main site's designer sheepskins section for our full made to order sheepskin rugs range.
Classic Ssheepskins
Classic Sheepskins
We have chosen Classic as our exclusive supplier of sheepskin floor rugs as they consistently produce excellent tanned skins from their tannery in Napier, New Zealand. They source raw skins from both the nearby Bay of Plenty farmlands and elsewhere in both New Zealand and Australia.
Their skins typically have an excellent, pliable leather and a beautifully soft, long, thick wool.
Classic are New Zealand's longest established privately owned sheep skin tannery having been originally setup in 1969. Through Classic's unique tanning process, skilled tanners adhering to strict quality control, turn quality raw material into superior handcrafted products that meet the stringent standards and specifications.
Matching service
As sheepskin is a natural product each rug is unique. The wool length, shade and density will vary from one rug to another. If you purchase more than one regular stocked sheepskin rug at a time we will do our best to find the closest matches. We nearly always have a good number of each size of rug in stock to choose from.
Also if you are after a particularly white rug or particularly short or long wool, for example, just put a request in the Other Instructions field at the checkout and we will hunt through our stocks for the closest match to your requirements.
Sheep skin rugs are washable
Although the natural lanolin in the lambskin wool helps the rug stay clean naturally, all our rugs are washable. Washing instructions are included.
Delighted customers who have purchased lambskin rugs from us have made the following comments without any prompting.
"I am very pleased with the rugs, they are beautiful quality and the shipment came so quickly. I'll be back for slippers and hopefully another rug. Thank you."
        Ms C. M.    Colorado, US
"We received the other medical sheepskins. They are so nice. Thank you. A friend gave us a sheepskin two years ago, we fell in love with it. We give them to friends and ask them to try them and so far everyone loves them."
        Mr & Mrs R. C.    Pennsylvania, US
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