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  Sheepskin gloves and hats
As with all our sheepskin products, over the years we evaluate numerous possible additions to our ranges and only the very best make it.
The result is select products that are amongst some of the very best premium lambskin and shearling items available anywhere in the world and at our usual outstanding Air Mail inclusive prices.
Sheepskin Gloves
Premium quality sheep skin gloves made from slinkskins For activities such as driving, gloves need to provide dexterity.
Unfortunately traditional sheep skin with its thick leather and dense wool pile is far from ideal for good fitting gloves.
Luckily baby lambskin slinkskins are perfect for sheepskin gloves. Their short, tight curls of wool keep the gloves lightweight and thin whilst providing excellent thermal properties to keep your hands warm.
Our Four Peaks range of lambskin gloves are hand sewn by expert glove makers in South Canterbury, New Zealand. They're available in a suede finish which has some Scotchgard protection applied during the tanning process giving them a "showerproof" finish, or for much better water and stain resistance the Black color is also available in a semi-gloss nappa finish.
What is a slinkskin?
During early spring each year, a small portion of newly born lambs do not survive.
These casualties of nature are processed in New Zealand to produce a much sought after premium double face leather known as a slinkskin. It is in fact one of the world's softest and lightest leathers.
Sheepskin Mittens
Sheepskin mittens made from soft lambskin Made in New Zealand from soft lambskin for a cozy warmth and comfort provided by a particularly soft leather and semi-curly wool.
The thick layer of soft wool fibers inside insulate your whole hand. We've even had e-mails from many delighted customers with poor circulation conditions, such as Raynaud's disease, who have never been able to keep their hands warm in winter until they discovered our mittens!
Our sheepskin mittens are available in both adult and child sizes. We even have a thumbless version for babies and toddlers.
Sheepskin Hats
Sheepskin hats made from shearling and soft lambskin Natasha hat
Hand-made in New Zealand from beta lambskins that are both soft and lightweight.
Six-paneled lambskin top has an outer suede finish and a beautifully soft short curly wool pile on the inner.
Long wool sheepskin band looks fantastic and helps keep you warm.
Lara hat
Genuine sheepskin hats hand crafted in New Zealand.
Six paneled sheepskin leather crown in a black nappa finish with satin fabric lining.
Trapper hat
The new Trapper Hat has proved very popular and is our warmest hat yet, offering great protection from wind chill.
Its side flaps can be worn up or down depending on the ferocity of the winter weather!
A few samples from feedback from numerous delighted customers of these shearling accessories:

"I want to thank you very much for the superb lambskin gloves. I am absolutely delighted with them. They fit perfectly having utilised your sizing chart. I was astounded when they came through my letterbox just 5 days after ordering! Sincere thanks for an excellent product, well priced, and for your terrific service."
        Ms P. W. B.    Desborough, Northants, United Kingdom
"Hands down one of the top five internet merchants. You can't beat their customer service or the high quality of their goods! I LOVE my new mitts."
        Mrs C. H.    Winnipeg, Canada
"Ordered my Natasha hat last Tues 29/11, parcel arrived in Scotland yesterday 7/12. I am very impressed with the service and the quality of the hat is beautiful - thank you very much. Now I feel beautiful."
        Mrs S. M. B.    Angus, Scotland
"This hat arrived from across the world in less than a week. Great hat and wonderful service."
        Ms K. M.    California, United States
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