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  Sheepskin seat covers and car accessories
Genuine sheepskin car seat cover - made in New Zealand by Classic

As with all our products we only sell items we have confidence in and that our customers will be delighted with. After much research we have found sheepskin car seat covers that offer a universal fit, look great, are comfortable in use, and made in New Zealand.
Many products were rejected as they didn't meet our high expectations of a good fit, excellent color match and a quality wool with a strong but pliable leather.
The thorough search has paid off and we are delighted with our range that offers both a long wool and short wool sheepskin seat cover that will fit most cars with a high back seat and headrest.
Sheepskin seat covers for the car - shorn For use throughout the year
Many people think of sheepskin products as only a winter thing but the unique natural properties of the wool fiber can keep you feeling cool and fresh in summer too.
Wool can absorb up to a third of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. This property, in addition to the support the individual fibers provide, keeps you drier and more comfortable even on the hottest days.
In winter the lambskin wool pile keeps you comfy and warm.
Sheepskin seat covers - wool length
The natural long wool sheepskin car seat cover has been a long time favorite in the industry. It looks great, is wonderfully silky soft to the touch and can easily be washed. It is available in 7 colors.
The shorn wool seat cushion version of the seat cover is less common but has some important advantages. The wool pile is shorn to about 7/8 in. (22mm) and lambskin that has particularly densely packed wool fibers is chosen. This ensures excellent support of your body to provide even more comfort throughout the year. This is the same principle as offered by medical sheepskin products. This version has 5 color options.
Both seat covers are made in New Zealand from whole premium quality sheepskin pelts, not scraps as is the case with most cheaper ones. They are sold singularly or in pairs and supplied with easy-fit straps to hold them securely in place.
Sheepskin car accessories - steering wheel and seat belt covers
Other products

To complement our seat covers, we have a number of car accessories including sheepskin steering wheel and seat belt covers. These are both handcrafted in New Zealand from genuine lambskin and are available in White, Grey, Honey or Black.
Our genuine cod oil tanned chamois leather outperforms synthetics and you can be assured of its quality, it is tanned in New Zealand from carefully selected lambskins.
We also sell medical sheepskin seat pads that can also be used in a car as well as sheepskin wheelchair covers.

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