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  Nature's Beauty lanolin skin care
Nature's Beauty skin care range Every day tourists and visitors to New Zealand purchase the Natures Beauty skin care products by the dozen to take home with them.
Why are they so popular?
New Zealand has an excellent reputation for quality skin care cosmetics containing natural ingredients some of which are unique to this clean, green land.
Many of the cosmetic products use lanolin as one of their base ingredients.
Lanolin is a natural moisturizer and is extracted from wool, so with New Zealand's 30 million sheep, supply is plentiful.
Lanolin based products from Natures Beauty in particular have a very high repeat customer rate due to the effectiveness of these skin health products and their excellent value.
Nature's Beauty cremes and lotions are all made in New Zealand to ISO standards and comply with NZ Ministry of Health guidelines.
See Nature's Beauty New Zealand manufacturer website for further information.
Just some of the numerous natural ingredients used:
Lanolin - natural moisurizer extracted from sheep wool
Placenta - extracted without harm from NZ sheep
Marine Collagen - protein that keeps skin firm and naturally soft
Thermal Mud - mineral-rich mud from Rotorua
Royal Jelly - produced by worker bees solely for the queen bee
Bee Propolis - nature's natural anti-biotic
Manuka Honey - honey unique to New Zealand with unique healing properties
Aloe Vera - nature's natural soother
Now you don't have to wait to visit New Zealand or pester a friend to fill their suitcase with skin creams! We have the Nature's Beauty range in stock available for immediate dispatch internationally.
See our innovative Natures Beauty skin care cosmetics range, offering something unique to New Zealand and not widely available in stores outside New Zealand.
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