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  Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair Covers & Accessories

Our Medical sheepskin range includes a number of excellent products made from premium quality New Zealand or Australian medical sheepskins that can truly improve quality of life.
The benefits of genuine medical grade sheepskin products are:
  • supportive - dense wool fibers support the body
  • absorbent - sheepskin absorbs moisture and releases it through evaporation helping you stay drier
  • comfortable and healthy - the naturally soft wool fibers feel good to sit on and help prevent bed sores
  • durable - can be machine washed regularly
Real life examples demonstrate the true effectiveness of medical sheepskins where our product has made a real difference to quality of life. Here's just one example from numerous absolutely delighted customers who have discovered the benefits of genuine sheepskin when confined to a bed or seat for prolonged periods:
"Just a quick email to say how impressed I am both by your product and superb service. Firstly my order which was delivered to the Isle of Man in 5 days from order - that is fantastic. I have waited longer for goods to arrive from the UK only 50 miles away. So very well done.
Also the product a Bowron FleeceEase Medical Sheepskin is great. My wife suffers from Motor Neurone Disease and is thus confined to a chair or bed 24 hours a day. Because of the muscle wasting nature of the disease she is in constant pain. But since using the fleece, both in the chair and night on the bed, she has noticed a remarkable lessening of the pain.
So thank you once again for a super quality product and rapid delivery. I would not hesitate to recommend both your company and products to anyone."

     Mr S.J.B., Ramsey, Isle of Man

Product Summary
Sheepskin wheelchair seat cover Sheepskin Wheelchair Cover
Our Bowron wheelchair covers are made from genuine medical sheepskins.
They have attached straps to hold the cover/pad in place and the edges are neatly finished with a fabric binding as a touch of luxury and for robustness.
We also sell sheepskin wheelchair arm and leg covers which can help reduce sores on the forearms and elbows or around the legs and ankles.
Medical sheepskin wheelchair cushion/seat pad
Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat Pad
Approximately half the size of the cover so it just covers the seat position and not the wheelchair backrest.
As with the cover it comes with straps to hold it firmly in position.
Medical sheepskin seat pad/cushion Medical Sheepskin Seat Pad
This seat pad is ideal for use just about anywhere and for anyone.
The premium medical sheepskin tanned by Classic Sheepskins features densely packed wool fibers to provide support. This gives cool in summer and warm in winter properties.
Can be used both at home, work and in the car.
Medical sheepskin elbow/heel pad Medical Sheepskin Heel/Elbow Pad
Helps protect either the heel or elbow from pressure sores.
They open up for easy insertion of the heel or elbow and can be held securely in place with the two fasteners.
One size fits all. Sold in pairs.
Sheepskin knee pad also available.
Open medical boot Open medical boot
Provides warmth and comfort to those who can't wear regular sheepksin footwear such as patients after surgery or those with tender or swollen feet.
Also excellent for those with a condition that makes bending their ankles difficult.
The entire genuine sheepskin boot front opens out flat for ease, and after wrapping around the foot, two large hook-and-loop fasteners hold the medical boot securely together.
We now also have an enclosed medical boot offering generous width and height for swollen feet whilst enclosing the entire foot/ankle.
See also Australian medical sheepskins for plain shearling pelts and sheepskin underlays that have been specially selected and tanned specifically for medical uses such as for use on a bed or chair.
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