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  Baby Lambskin Rugs for Babies
Bowron Babycare baby lambskins for babies
Baby sheepskins, often affectionately referred to as a lambie (or even sheepie), are the ideal present for babies that shows you have put a lot of thought into your gift decision.
Sheepskin baby rugs are often used well into the child's youth, not just as babies. Young children often like to take them wherever they go as a comforter.
History of 'lambie' baby lambskins
Over 30 years ago a New Zealand mother originally came up with the wonderful idea of using sheepskins for baby care. More than a million babies around the world have since benefited.
The mother had seen sheepskin bed pads used in hospital and thought it may help relieve the pain of her child who was in hospital. It worked, the sheepskin gave her child great comfort and from that was born the idea that resulted in today's baby lambskin rug products for babies.
Bowron researchers, in co-operation with the Wool Research Organisation, began a four year development programme to find perfect lambskins for baby.
After an extensive testing program the Babycare lamb skins went on sale and were an immediate success. Today, caring mothers all over the world choose lamb skin for babies.
Benefits of lambskin babycare
Contentment - Soft wool fibers soothe and calm baby.
Perfect all year round - Wool fibres keep baby warm and cosy in cold weather. In hot weather, wool absorbs moisture, which is released into the air ensuring baby stays drier and comfortable at all times.
Tested & Proven - Used for over 30 years and tested by independent laboratories.
Easycare - Machine wash and dry. Full care instructions included in packaging.
When used as an item of bedding, it is recommended that children under the age of one are positioned on their backs and the baby sheepskin rugs is covered with a sheet.
The baby rug is available in either shorn which has been trimmed to a uniform pile height of about 30mm (1.2inches) or unshorn which as a wool length of approximately 40 to 60mm (1.6 to 2.4inches).
Bowron StrollerFleece lamb skins for babies Bowron Stroller Fleece
The Bowron StrollerFleece is ideal for use in a stroller or car seat.
It provides security and comfort wherever baby goes: in the stroller, pram, car seat, change table, stool or picnic spot.
Also available is Auskin's pram liner/stroller comforter.
All our infant care products are Sanitized treated for hygiene.
Delighted customers who have purchased Bowron baby lambskin babycare products from us have made the following comments.
"Just to tell you how wonderful your baby rug is! My son, 10 months, loves having it in his crib and it has helped with his sleep. It's ideal when traveling and very easy to care for.
I am especially impressed with the quality and quick service from this company."

        Ms R. B. - Illinois, US
"I received my baby lambskin today. Thanks for the fast efficient service. Great price too. My own six children all slept on lambskins and I still think they are essential for babies."
        Ms J. K. - Wairoa, New Zealand
"You have awesome prices I will make sure to let all my friends' moms know since winter is coming...... I appreciate your patience and great customer service!!!"
        Ms E. K.    Espanola, New Mexico

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